Holly Clark is an award-winning educator and speaker based in San Diego, CA. She is the co-author of The Google Infused Classroom and is both a National Board Certified Teacher and Google Certified Innovator. A long time teacher and administrator, Holly consults globally with schools to help them successfully and purposefully innovate instruction looking at how we can use technology to amplify good teaching and learning, and put learning first.

Holly holds an MA in Education from Columbia University, New York. She is an internationally recognized keynote speaker – passionately spreading the idea that we need to disrupt education and innovate our classroom curriculum.  She authors a successful blog and is working on her second book: The Student Voice Infused Classroom out June 2018.



Meet Generation Z

Our students are the first real digital natives - born in to a world with computers, smartphones and tablets.  The problem is they are tech dependent but not tech savvy, and we must teach them the ways in which they can amplify their learning using the tools of technology. This fun and story-filled keynote will look at how we can make three simple tweaks to our instructional practices to meet better meet their needs and improve teaching in learning in the classroom. 

Are You Ready to Disrupt?

We are in the middle of a Digital Disruption in education. Powerful digital tools have significantly changed the face of learning, and more importantly the landscape of information. As educators, it is crucial that we understand this transformation, and begin to find purposeful teaching and learning strategies that include the use of these tools. In this keynote, we will examine the impact of disruption and look at teacher and student empowerment through the tools that help us make thinking visible, give every student a voice, and allow students to show their work.

The World at Your Fingertips

Take a journey in this keynote to the world of great teaching and learning from around the globe. Take a peek into at different schools, and what they are doing  to change instruction and get their students ready for the mid- 21st century. The keynote is full of inspiring, real life examples from around the world sure to inspire any teacher to see the importance of becoming an educator who understands the future and how to get their students ready for it.