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Jeffery heil



Jeff has been an educator for over 20 years. During his career he has been a classroom teacher, an instructional technology coach for the San Diego County Office of Education (Juvenile Court and Community School program), an adjunct professor of educational technology, and a Google Certified Innovator and Education Trainer. In all aspects of his life, he seeks to spread the love of technology as a tool to transform student learning across the globe, while working to disrupt the predictability of who succeeds and fails in our schools based on the color of their skin. His eight years as a high school teacher in a residential facility for students impacted by homelessness cultivated his passion for technology integration and educational equity. In 2005, his passion was rewarded when he was selected as a Distinguished Teacher in Residence at California State University, San Marcos, where he worked for over ten years as an adjunct professor in the School of Education. As a frequent conference presenter, consultant and keynote speaker, he is perpetually striving to transform education on a global scale. This work was recognized when The Classroom of the Future Foundation selected him as their 2015 Innovative Educator of the Year. Being an educator is not what Jeff does, it is who he is.


Keynote Title: Technology, High Expectations, and the Art of Relationships

What does it take for teachers to ensure that all kids truly have the opportunity for success? How can establishing relationships with students and moonshoot thinking lead to the transformation of your classroom and school? Jeff will discuss how high expectations, empathy,  and the establishment of relationships will change the predictability of who succeeds and fails in our schools.


Keynote: What if Education were the Problem, not the Solution?

The sad predictability, along multiple strata, of who succeeds and fails in our school is not caused by our students. Could it be that the structure of the Educational Institution causes inequity?  Let’s discuss the real issues behind this data and discover ways to co-create the solution, whether it be through the innovative use of technology or through the power of a relationship between teacher and student.