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Jesse is the Director of Technology & Innovation and Chief Information Officer for the Irvington Union-Free School District in Irvington, NY. Prior to entering education, he was a technology consultant for Fortune 500 companies specializing in network engineering and software development projects.  In 2009, he was published in the book "High-Tech Teaching Success!" by Prufrock Press. He was named one of BestCollegeRanking.org’s 100 Top Experts in #eLearning and #EdTech as well as a Top 100 K12 Tech Leader and Top 100 Most Social CIO by Extreme Networks. In 2016, he received a Technology Leader Pioneer Award from the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center. A Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer,  Jesse is also co-founder of NY TECH ED, an organization centered around instructional technology use, and a former co-chair of NYTEN, a regional group focused on technology leadership. He is a CoSN Certified Education Technology Leader, an Adjunct Professor of Education Technology at Pace University, a member of the Google Earth Education Advisory Board, and a frequent keynote speaker and presenter who has recently done educational technology presentations in the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, and Kuwait.


Capes Not Required
- With issues such as antiquated classrooms, an over-reliance on standardized testing, and budget challenges, we can all agree that the educational system is in desperate need of reform. But the seeds of change are there. Students all around the world are doing some amazing things that would have been considered unimaginable even a decade ago. Together, we will share stories of incredible students who have taken their learning beyond the four walls of the classroom and you will learn how we can rise to the challenge of changing our classrooms to give every student the opportunity to be extraordinary and discover the superhero within.

- Innovation is a buzzword that is frequently used by educators but do we truly know what innovation is and how to identify it? Does innovation always occur through quick bursts of genius or could it be borne through lengthy revision and slow revelations? Could our beliefs around innovation cloud our ability to recognize it in our students? Let’s discuss innovation, teacher bias, and public perception of the true nature of achievement in education and share some ideas on how to create impactful change within our schools.