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Rachael Mann is the founder of #TeachlikeTED (www.RachaelMann.co) and coauthor of The Martians in Your Classroom (www.MartianClassroom.org). She speaks and writes about the future of education and helps educators rethink the learning spaces of today.


The Martians in Your Classroom
- Education has always been about the future. We are preparing the next generation for jobs that do not exist and for career paths that may not be in our communities, our countries, or even on our planet. As the very nature and location of work changes,  education must evolve as well. In this age of disruption and iteration, educators and leaders cannot rely on the way things have been done in the past. We have to propel change and reimagine what is possible for today’s students. Join Rachael Mann on this journey into the future and discover actionable steps to implement today. 

Prepare for Impact! 
- Explore the power of educators to impact the lives of students by facilitating opportunities to innovate, share ideas, and to prepare them for the world that ultimately, they will create. Through a thoughtful narrative of the role of influence, Rachael will unveil successes to emulate and failures to avoid. Regardless of your job title, we are all here today for one reason- to equip students for their future. Get ready to put your oxygen mask on, as this presentation will breathe fresh air into your year. Prepare for Impact! 

Empowering Student Voice
- As our world becomes more global, students can reach the masses through multiple platforms. Empowering students to use their voice to share ideas in an effective way has the potential to not only transform the lives of the student but also to transform the world around them. Providing students with the tools and techniques for student voice is the responsibility of each of us. This presentation will explore technology to elevate student voice and three examples of students who have been given life-changing opportunities as a result of learning how and when to stand up and say something when it matters most.